Sunday, 28 October 2007

Sine - Happy Is The Only Way

Here's Patrick Adams' first foray into disco, something of a precursor for his subsequent and much more successful Musique project ('Keep on Jumpin', 'In The Bush'). The tracks on this album are mostly instrumental and feature plenty of Adams' crazy synth sounds...I know some people love them, but I find a little goes a long way! The title track and 'Just Let Me Do My Thing', which was a minor UK hit, feature vocals from a trio including Venus Dodson.

1. Happy Is The Only Way (7:30)
2. Chimi (6:06)
3. Just Let Me Do My Thing (6:45)
4. Keep It Coming (11:45)
5. Mosquito Walk (5:16)

You don't have to LIKE it!


Chris said...

great blog - never get tired of Patrick Adams productions, thanks for this!

Lafayette said...

great start, guru...keep up the good work!

will link you up right away!


The Guru Of The Groove said...

Thanks & thanks for linking me! I'll link you up too!

The Guru

Anonymous said...

best choice this is one production from Prelude Records very good

Christophe said...

very good
nice discovery

thanks a lot for this

Sleeps said...

Hats off to you.
Don't worry we are all out here.
Start small, think BiG.