Friday, 19 October 2007

Love Unlimited - In Heat

Well, it's certainly time for a bit of Barry White. It so often is. Here is their third album from 1974, which is generally considered to be their greatest moment. All the more astonishing when you consider how prolific Barry was in the mid-70s. On top of his own career, there was Love Unlimited, the Love Unlimited Orchestra and more production work for other artists (maybe we'll go into that soon...) It's hard to count how many albums poured off the Barry White production line between '73 and '76. And mostly it was great stuff! A lovely collection of songs on here from Glodean (and her scary fingernails) and the girls. Listen out for 'Move Me No Mountain', covered by Chaka Khan in great style on her 1980 album 'Naughty'. Plus, the hit 'Love's Theme' taken from the previous album 'Under The Influence Of' (and the Love Unlimited Orchestra's 'Rhapsody In White' set) gets a reprise WITH VOCALS. Too much!

1. Move Me No Mountain
2. Share A Little Love In Your Heart
3. Oh I Should Say, It's A Beautiful Day
4. I Needed Love, You Were There
5. I Belong To You
6. I Love You So, Never Gonna Let You Go
7. Love's Theme

PLAY our Love's Theme once more...

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