Saturday, 27 October 2007


It's nice to see quite a few people digging a bit of Heatwave on their blogs. Thanks to this, I've now heard most of their albums and it's all good stuff! So, I've got a few oddities from the old record collection together that you might not have come across! If anyone has a copy of 'Keep Tomorrow For Me', the theme from the movie 'Escape To Athena' I'd be very very pleased to hear from them!

Anyway here's what we have:

1. Slip Your Disc To This (3:45) (b-side to 'Too Hot To Handle')
2. Mind Blowing Decisions (Extended Remix 7:24) (b-side to 'Always And Forever')
3. Gangsters Of The Groove (Extended Remix 5:38) (from UK 12")
4. Someone Like You (3:45) (b-side to 'Gangsters Of The Groove')
5. Wack That Axe (3:40) (bonus track on UK 'Jitterbuggin' 12")
6. Goin' Crazy (5:42) (long version from UK 'Jitterbuggin' 12")

Slip your disc to THIS!


Anonymous said...

A great additional listen to the albums found elsewhere.

Thanx for the up

Anonymous said...

hey great blog.. great music

Paul said...

Many thanks for this post. I've been after the long version of Goin' Crazy for ages. Lovely stuff, particularly the instrumental part towards the end.

ragga63 said...

Great to hear the extended version of Gangsters Of The Groove once again. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Can re-upload this PLEASE!?