Sunday, 28 October 2007

Pointer Sisters - Special Things

Now we're moving away from disco somewhat here. Unusually for an act that was big in the 70s, the Pointer Sisters never really embraced disco, which probably stood them in good stead for their greatest successes in the 80s. Their 1980 album 'Special Things' does contain a couple of nods in the disco direction though, notably the album opener 'Could I Be Dreaming' which appears to owe quite a debt to 'Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)' by the Jacksons, while 'We've Got The Power', cowritten by Bob Esty ('It's Raining Men', 'Take Me Home'), is just about the only full-on disco number the sisters recorded. The hit here was the irritatingly chirpy 'He's So Shy', which is probably my least favourite track. 'The Love Too Good To Last' and 'Where Did The Time Go' are a couple of gorgeous Bacharach/Bayer Sager ballads.

1. Could I Be Dreamin'
2. He's So Shy
3. The Love Too Good To Last
4. Evil
5. Save This Night For Love
6. We've Got The Power
7. Where Did The Time Go
8. Special Things
9. Here Is Where Your Love Belongs

Give me the POWER!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Mark said...


Oh I like He's So Shy, chirpiness and all.

Don't It Drive You Crazy from their Blue Thumb days may not be disco, but it is one funky number.

Automatic said...

A second Sisters album - thanking you kindly Guru, this'll go down nicely. I've always had a soft spot for Les Pointers... they just seem like such a FUN buncha girls (alcoholism aside you understand).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this upload. Nice classic album.

Diego said...

Just discovered your blog today.
Awesome posts! Thank you and keep bringing that Fonk. You wont see the last of me in here!

The Postman said...

great music i'll add you in my blog links list ;)

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Hi Guru, Thanx for all your sharing...

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All Pointer Sisters links (except for EXCITED) are dead...

Could you please post them again??

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