Sunday, 7 October 2007

Festival - Disco Evita

One of many projects by Russian-born disco royalty Boris Midney (see also Beautiful Bend, USA-European Connection and others), this was the result of Robert Stigwood's idea for Boris to `disco-fy' the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. I must say I grew up on the original 70s soundtrack (which probably explains a lot) so it's quite bizarre to hear a disco spin on these songs. Fabulous disco orchestrations though. The two sides of the album were continuous mixes:

1. Buenos Aires (9:19)/I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You (4:00)/Don't Cry For Me Argentina (4:57)
2. High Flying Adored (4:34)/Rainbow High (6:02)/She Is A Diamond (2:19)/Eva's Theme (Lady Woman) (5:47)
3. Bonus track: Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Single Version) (3:49)

Eva's Theme (Lady Woman) is Midney's own composition.



Mr A To Z said...

Good Lord, what is THIS? I'm downloading as we speak, can this possibly be anything other than utterly essential?!

Anonymous said...

A friend bought the LP
when it came out..played
point that I caught
the bug too. Great
sound; some nutty people
ridicule it[WHAT?].
I've got the CD and
have made a few copies
in case my original
meets some unforseen
fate. Kudos to you for
exposing this music to
those who haven't yet
had the pleasure.

Anonymous said...

sounds good; the words russian and disco is always intriguing

jmgarcia said...