Sunday, 7 October 2007

Liquid Gold - Liquid Gold

Well, let's start as we mean to go on with a bit of Disco Magic. Brit disco group Liquid Gold seem to be a little overlooked in the annals of disco history, probably because they broke through a little late in the disco day. But you can't argue with `Dance Yourself Dizzy', an utter disco classic with the ultimate in whirling disco strings. `Substitute' was another big UK hit and the other album tracks aren't too shabby. I don't think they ever made another album, although they did release further singles and an alternative version of the album with some different tracks was released in the US through Casablanca subsiduary Parachute Records.

Here's a picture of the Gold in their prime

I wonder why they weren't taken seriously.

Anyway, grab a bit of Liquid Gold HERE

Oh and let's have a tracklist.

1. Could Be Tonight 6:13
2. Substitute 6:29
3. Mr Groovy 5:40
4. Dance Yourself Dizzy 8:21
5. My Baby's Baby 6:05
6. Anyway You Do It 2:55


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Good to see someone helping me rediscover those healthy parts of the glorious Disco era that got left behind by the chattering classes...even when it's a bunch like this who made me squirm on 'TOTP'



Musical Interval said...


Nice oldies here.

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

the liquid gold is not this song and not this photos

liquide gold 1979

1-c'mon and dance
2-my baby's baby
3-secret love
4-mr. groovy
5-anyway you do it


The Guru Of The Groove said...

Yes, as I mentioned in the post, the album was released on Parachute in the USA with the different tracklisting that you have posted. But the album I have ripped has the same cover but that tracklisting (UK issue - Polo POLP101).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this - Dance Yourself Dizzy is a great disco tune.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi from Canada. Great blog featuring less common artists. Keep up the great work. Don

steven chester said...

very nice. found you thru mr moo's blog. good job!

soulbrotha said...

The photo is a riot!! That has got to be the first "camel toe" that I have ever seen on a dude! His poor potbelly escaped being crushed by his Sergio Valenti's.

ragga63 said...

Damn near all of these tracks were released as singles in one form or another, back in the day. Substitute is my personal fave. It's a real gem.