Friday, 12 October 2007

Sylvester - Stars

OK, so we're on something of a Sylvester binge here. It's a long story. So here is Sylvester's third solo album and in some ways something of a landmark as it marks his first collaborations with Patrick Cowley, who went on to write and produce much of Sylvester's more Hi-NRG orientated output in the 1980s as well as becoming a Hi-NRG star in his own right. Cowley wrote two of the tracks on the album - the hit title track and the extraordinary `I Need Somebody To Love Tonight', a hypnotic early piece of electronica. I've stuck a couple of bonus tracks on here - the long disco version of `Over And Over' from the `Sylvester' album and an instrumental version of `I Need Somebody To Love Tonight' that I found on the 12" of `I (Who Have Nothing)'.

1. Stars (8:41)
2. Body Strong (7:58)
3. I (Who Have Nothing) (11:21)
4. I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (6:42)

bonus tracks:
5. Over And Over (disco version) (9:23)
6. I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (instrumental) (4:58)

You are a STAR!


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