Saturday, 20 October 2007

Bonnie Pointer - Bonnie Pointer

Well, we might as well do this one too while we're at it. So here's Bonnie's debut album for the Motown label...unlike the follow-up this one has Berry Gordy on coproduction duties and is something more of a showcase of Bonnie's talents than the Motown-goes-disco festival that is 'Bonnie Pointer 2'. The hit here was `Heaven Must Have Sent You' which is probably the only song Bonnie is remembered for these days, although `Free Me From My Freedom/Tie Me To A Tree (Handcuff Me) was also extracted as a single, much to the consternation of the 70s feminist movement!

1. When I'm Gone (2:35)
2. Free Me From My Freedom/Tie Me To A Tree (Handcuff Me) (3:52)
3. Heaven Must Have Sent You (7:05)
4. Ah Shoot (4:54)
5. More And More (6:02)
6. I Love To Sing To You (3:59)
7. I Wanna Make It (In Your World) (3:17)
8. My Everything (4:36)

Put me under LOCK AND KEY!


Burning Blue Soul said...

Thanks for thre Sylvester and the Bonnie Pointer. I am also wondering about something in the post disc brit world, the debut album by Lynx. Any chance of that hard as hell slab o wax making it on here? It would be greatly appreciated. But then, I appreciate everything you've posted thus far. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guru

Just found your blog - what a great selection of cool grooves. Both of Bonnie Motown albums on on blog - Fantastic! Thanks for this second title. I never realised that a short version of "Heaven" was featured on this set either.

Thanks again

The Guru Of The Groove said...

Thanks for your comments! I don't think I have any Lynx alas...that was David Grant's first project, yeah? I'll see if I can check some out, sounds like the sort of thing I might like!

automatic said...

Good Lord, it's Pointer overload for me today. Not that that could ever be a bad thing you understand...

I never even knew this existed. Consider my curiosity well and truly piqued...