Thursday, 22 November 2007

Love Unlimited Orchestra - White Gold

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been redecorating the hallway and it's turned out to be a large task...Anyway, here's a little of Barry White's special orchestral smoochy soul in the form of 'White Gold', the second (or third if you count the 'Together Brothers' soundtrack) Love Unlimited Orchestra album. I don't think this quite scales the heights of their 'Rhapsody In White' debut, but it's still a good'un. It's worth it just for Barry's priceless intro to 'Spanish Lei'. Barry lets various collaborators get more of a look in on the credits here, including contributions by Ray Parker Jr, Gene Page and Tom Brock.

1. Barry's Love (Part 1)
2. Satin Soul
3. Always Thinking Of You
4. Power Of Love
5. Spanish Lei
6. You Make Me Feel Like This (When You Touch Me)
7. Only You Can Make Me Blue
8. Dreaming
9. Just Living It Up
10. Just Like A Baby
11. Barry's Love (Part 2)

Have you ever had a SPANISH LEI?


taufique said...

could u kindly use other file sharing sites like zshare/rapidshare/mediafire?

I've been unable to get a download complete from your site since i started visiting. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

whats up! like your selection

Anonymous said...

Hallo -looking forward to the LU album.When they are good they are bl**dy good!