Saturday, 8 December 2007

Loleatta Holloway - The Anthology

At last! Here's some more groove for you all. Surely I don't need to explain about Loleatta and Salsoul! This is the first cd of a 2cd compilation of Loleatta's Salsoul classics (there was a series of these covering various Salsoul artists such as First Choice, the Salsoul Orchestra, Inner Life etc). The two CDs were subtitled 'Dance Loleatta' and 'Love Loleatta'...needless to say this is 'Dance Loleatta'! All the classics are present and correct..'Hit And Run', 'Love Sensation', 'Runaway', 'Dreamin'' and my favourites, the epically titled 'I May Not Be There When You Want Me (But I'm Right On Time)' and 'All About The Paper', which contains some great chat from Loleatta...she gonna buy y'all some peanuts and popcorn...she got the paper!

1. Two Sides To Every Story
2. Hit And Run
3. Ripped Off
4. The Greatest Performance Of My Life
5. Catch Me On The Rebound
6. I May Not Be There When You Want Me
7. All About The Paper
8. Runaway
9. Love Sensation
10. Mama Don't Papa Won't
11. Dance What 'Cha Wanna
12. Short End Of The Stick
13. Good Good Feeling
14. I'll Be Standing There
15. Seconds
16. Dreamin'

It's all about the PAPER!


keviekev said...

Damn, that woman could sing. Thanks loads.

Anonymous said...

If you like this blog, please say hello in the comments! I'm starting to wonder if there's anyone out there!....

i don't know for the others... but here I am! thanks, man.

A from italy

catacaldos said...

Hi :

Yes ,there are people.I'm from Spain and i love your blog!!!!
Thank you for haring your treasures


Moopy User said...

I am AGOG with how good this is... THANKS!

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Styles said...

This is a hot bolg here and thanks for the Loleatta.

Zeplin said...

Hi, i like your site very much. Thanks for these hard to find music.

Anonymous said...

Nice selection of music. I am enjoying your choices and I'm fascinated by some of the music that I never knew was out there. Great commentary and analysis too. John - Atlanta, GA, USA

Anonymous said...

Thanks loads for Ms. Holloway...
Jack Flash

Anonymous said...

Can't thank u enuff. Much respect

Bobby H-

Dreamer456 said...

Just discovered your blog. Great post. Thank you.