Saturday, 10 November 2007

Pointer Sisters - Energy

I know, I've developed a new obsession! Bear with me though, I'll soon be moving away from the Pointers and Love Unlimited! I found a copy of 'Priority', the Pointers Sisters' 1979 album that's supposed to be something of a lost classic and I wanted to share it around as it's supposed to be quite an obscurity. Firstly though, here's their 1978 album and their first working with Richard Perry. It's mixture of rock numbers ('Lay It On The Line', 'Come And Get Your Love', 'Angry Eyes'), with just a touch of a disco influence (Alan Toussaint's 'Happiness') and some more downtempo material (the big hit cover of Bruce Springsteen's 'Fire' and of Sly and the Family Stone's 'Everybody Is A Star', complete with traded vocals in the style of the original). It's covers a-go-go, with Steely Dan ('Dirty Work') and Fleetwood Mac (the eerie 'Hypnotized' - my favourite track - or is it the great harmonizing on Stephen Stills' 'As I Come Of Age'?) numbers also putting in an appearance.

1. Lay It On The Line
2. Dirty Work
3. Hypnotized
4. As I Come Of Age
5. Come And Get Your Love
6. Happiness
7. Fire
8. Angry Eyes
9. Echoes Of Love
10. Everybody Is A Star

Bonus track: Happiness (12" version)

Keep that goodness...COMING!


jean_claude said...

hey, thanks for this album.
its great, like all the other
stuff youve upped. keep on ;)

Anonymous said...

Pointers, Love Unlimited, D.Hartman
You're my kind of Guru!!
Thanks sooooooooooooo muchhhh!!!!!

lee said...

Cooooooool man, not so easy to find Pointers albums these days! Splendid stuff.
I've got June and Anita's 80s albums if you're interested, but would very much like to hear the 80s release that Bonnie put out! Cheers