Saturday, 10 November 2007

Pointer Sisters - Priority

I must have bought this album at some point for the sake of completeness and never really listened to it - there were no hit singles from it and tracks from it rarely turn up on compilations. But reading some reviews while writing about the sisters' other albums, I became intrigued by its good reviews - some even going as far as to say that it's a candidate for their best album. And now I've listened to it a few times I can see their point. Well, it's 1979 and the world has gone disco crazy - so what do the Pointer Sisters do? They make an album of rock covers. No wonder it wasn't a great success, not even making the US top 50 albums. But it is an excellent album - the songs suit the sisters perfectly: plenty use is made of Ruth's deep and bluesy voice and June makes a great Keef Richards on the cover of the Stones' 'Happy' (draw your own parallels)! Others to get the treatment are Bob Seger ('All Your Love'), The Band ('The Shape I'm In), Graham Parker ('Turned Up Too Late') and Springsteen again ('The Fever'). There's not a duff track in sight...and I'm saying that even though, like Chris Lowe, I don't LIKE rock music!

1. Who Do You Love
2. All Your Love
3. Dreaming As One
4. Turned Up Too Late
5. Happy
6. Blind Faith
7. Don't Let A Thief Steal In Your Heart
8. (She's Got) The Fever
9. The State I'm In

Keep me HAPPY!


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