Monday, 12 November 2007

Dan Hartman - Instant Replay

10...9...8...7...6...5..4..3..2..1! Now here's some proper disco courtesy of Dan Hartman. The 'Instant Replay' title track single was massive and made Dan an instant disco star. The follow-up 'This Is It' (no relation to the Melba Moore song of the same title) is here to in an epic 14-minute mix with 'Countdown'. 'Double-O-Love' and 'Chocolate Box' see a more funk-rock direction and then it's time for a couple of slower numbers to close the album out. Hartman attempted to repeat the disco formula with follow-up album 'Relight My Fire' but the album, which is probably a superior disco album, disappointingly failed to gain the same commercial success.

1. Instant Replay
2. Countdown/This Is It
3. Double-O-Love
4. Chocolate Box
5. Love Is A Natural
6. Time And Space

Bonus track: Instant Replay (12" version)

Got to have your love AGAIN!


NinaMM said...

I'm just finding you today, but love what you're doing here? Bonnie Pointer? For real? And Dan Hartman? I haven't heard "Instant Replay" in YEARS! LOVE IT!

GP said...

Great Blog, thanks for Dan Hartman