Saturday, 3 November 2007

Love Unlimited - From A Girl's Point Of View We Give You...

Another poor-quality cover picture. Sorry. Anyway, as requested, here's the first Love Unlimited album from 1972 and marking the breakthrough of Barry White as a musical force to be reckoned with! Oddly, my vinyl of this album is entitled 'Walking In The Rain With The One I Love' by Barry White presents Love Unlimited and appears to be a German pressing on MCA Coral. I don't know whether it's a poor pressing or a worn LP, but the quality could be better. I've done my best with it - see what you think. The album is something of a love concept album with lots of spoken musings on love by one of the ladies (Glodean?) and by Barry himself. 'Are You Sure' was written by Love Unlimited themselves and they also cover Marvin Gaye's 'If This World Was Mine' and the Gamble/Huff composition 'Together'. Of course, the song everyone remembers is 'Walking In The Rain With The One I Love', with its famous telephone conversation..."Oh YES. It was so beautiful."

1. I Should Have Known
2. Another Chance
3. Are You Sure/Fragile - Handle With Care
4. Is It Really True Boy - Is It Really Me
5. I'll Be Yours Forever More
6. If This World Were Mine
7. Together
8. Walking In The Rain With The One I Love



Vincent the Soul Chef said...

AWWWWWWWSOME! Another vivid memory from days gone by. Thank you for the share. I have the vinyl too but after over 35 years of constant playing and abuse, it has certainly seen better days. Dusty Groove had a used copy for sale a couple of years ago but I wasn't fast enough to buy it... Let's all plead to Universal to get this one reissued properly.

For the record, it is Glodean doing the monologue.

Anonymous said...

Hello Guru Of The Groove - Nice blog



Anonymous said...

yeah thanks for all these great albums !!!
Good blog

Anonymous said...

"Oh YES. It was so beautiful."

Oh wow....brings back
memories of a short-lived
love affair way back when
it was on the charts. Funny
how some songs just jolt
you right back in time.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, this should be great; I only know the LUO through Barry White's hits, and they just moved me. I grew up listening to that stuff, and it had a deep impact on my musical mind, not to mention my emotional life. Thanx for this excellent share!