Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Chaka Khan - Chaka

We've been well overdue a bit of Chaka Khan, as promised ages ago. Here's Chaka's debut solo album from 1978 after five years of working with funk group Rufus. Everyone knows the Ashford and Simpson-penned disco stormer 'I'm Every Woman' and rightly so...it just doesn't get much better. Shame it's better known as Whitney Houston's vastly inferior cover version. The other dance hit here is 'Life Is A Dance' which pales in comparison somewhat but was given a new lease of life on the 1989 remix compilation that borrowed its title. 'Roll Me Through The Rushes' is a lovely ballad and I've got a soft spot for the impenetrable 'The Message In The Middle Of The Bottom'!

1. I'm Every Woman
2. Love Has Fallen On Me
3. Roll Me Through The Rushes
4. Sleep On It
5. Life Is A Dance
6. We Got The Love
7. Some Love
8. A Woman In A Man's World
9. The Message In The Middle Of The Bottom
10. I Was Made To Love Him

It's all in ME


Vincent the Soul Chef said...

another tremendous choice here... This one's been in my collection for 30 years!!! Hard to believe it's been that long, huh? I am quite fond of her take on the Rotary Connection track Love Has Fallen Down On Me. The reading is faithful yet original at the same time. Keep up the good work!

Peace and blessings.


OMG! Is Some Love not just as good as the first time your heard it??

A sleeper on this album. Excellent


MsMerising said...

Wickid - I was craving this LP :)