Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Chaka Khan - Naughty

And here's Chaka's follow-up effort from 1980. Opener 'Clouds' sees Chaka pulling off another Ashford and Simpson disco stormer. Maybe it falls slightly short of the peaks scaled by 'I'm Every Woman', but hey...that's a hard act to follow. I first heard it as the EPIC Clivilles & Cole remix on 'Life Is A Dance'...what a track. Elsewhere Chaka does her own takes on 'Move Me No Mountain' as previously recorded by Love Unlimited and the Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie groover (with one Luther Vandross on vocal duties) 'Hot Butterfly', here retitled 'Papillon'.

1. Clouds
2. Get Ready, Get Set
3. Move Me No Mountain
4. Nothing's Gonna Take You Away
5. So Naughty
6. Too Much Love
7. All Night's All Right
8. What You Did
9. Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly)
10. Our Love's In Danger

It's gonna RAIN


studioetap said...

Hey Man! I'm from Warsaw (Poland). I saw that you want us to write comments so I'm doing this right now :D Your blog is great, because it's great music, I love this stuff!

craig said...

Fantastic, thanks Guru.

Never a dull moment here.

Thanks for all you hard work.

Diego said...

Thanks Alot For The Share Guru!

Anonymous said...

thnx for all the great music .

eric said...

Whassup GURU! This is Eric from the Chi! You doin' yo thing! Much love!

Funkymani said...

Hello .. I'm French... Your blog is wonderful... There is very good music.. Thank you!! ;- )))


One of my alltime fav's! Thanks! I enjoyed listening to this on my computer.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks groove guru for this album. This is really a great album.

Anonymous said...

thanks, for some reason i dont have a single chaka khan album, go figure