Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Love Unlimited Orchestra - My Sweet Summer Suite

Oh let's have another one! What a peculiar cover. This is someone else's (thanks whoever!) rip that I've cleaned up. Not sure that the intro to the first track is quite right and I had to shave a bit off the end of 'Blues Concerto' because of a couple of skips. Hey ho. But you do get the long versions of 'My Sweet Summer Suite' and 'Strange Games And Things' as bonus tracks. The latter was only issued as a promo 12" originally and was something of a holy grail for afficionados of Barry's groove.

1. My Sweet Summer Suite (4:48)
2. Strange Games And Things (4:02)
3. Blues Concerto (3:17)
4. You I Adore (4:48)
5. Brazilian Love Song (5:56)
6. Are You Sure (3:54)
7. You're Givin' Me Something (3:20)
8. I'm Falling In Love With You (4:06)
bonus tracks:
9. My Sweet Summer Suite (12" version) (7:13)
10. Strange Games And Things (long version) (8:29)

Strange games an TINGS


DungeonDJ said...

Hey Guru, I like your blog. Just discovered it. BTW, would you care to exchange links?
"The Message Is In The Music"

Midnite Passions said...

Glad to see you have returned. I enjoy your blog.

Kreisler said...

Thanks - bassline on Strange Games is epic

Anonymous said...

BIG shout out to the Guru for sharing some serious goodies with us all! Thanx much, Guru!

isbum said...

More Love Unlimited Orchestra for you to post or just enjoy.

The Best of L.U.O.
*in two parts*



The Guru Of The Groove said...

Thanks for that! Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Luv Unltd. Orch...
Jack Flash

Anonymous said...

Thank you Guru! Great music! :) Much appreciation
-Bobby H

Anonymous said...

uy..gracias...lo buscaba desde hace mucho.