Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sister Sledge - We Are Family (1984 Remix)

So we're BACK! Here, freshly ripped on the all-new groove machine, is the 1984 Bernard Edwards remix of 'We Are Family' for your disco delight! After the success of the reissued 'Thinking Of You' in the UK, the follow-ups were a remix of 'Lost In Music' by Nile Rodgers and then this slightly more obscure remix of 'We Are Family' which got a bit lost in the Christmas rush. Wisely Bernard doesn't tamper with the original too much here! I think we may not be going to have as much disco as we used to on the blog (BOO!) because firstly the record companies have reissued so much stuff on CD recently and more importantly because people like the gang at #1 Disco Connection do it much better than I ever could and have a vastly better knowledge and range of material that I could ever hope to have!

I got all my SISTERS with ME!

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