Friday, 21 March 2008

Diana Brown & Barrie K. Sharpe - The Masterplan

Here's a vinyl I'd been meaning to rip for ages. I bought this on a Hot Tracks vinyl in a record fair in Oxford way back when as I loved this song and also Deee-Lite's 'What Is Love' which was on the same 12". It was a minor hit (#39) in the UK in mid-1990. I don't know which of the mixes the Hot Tracks mix is based on (it describes itself as 'The Master Mix by Glen Cattanach') but I've never come across a similar mix anywhere else. I didn't realise until investigating it today that the track was written and produced by one-time Dead Or Alive cohorts Tim Lever & Mike Percy. What a coincidence!



Raphy said...

Don't know this duo....I'll listen though


Mr Shankly said...

little known fact that the other writer on this track is Jazzie B (Romeo) of soul to soul